The Lambskin Neck Hot Water Bottle

The Lambskin Neck Hot Water Bottle


Here you choose the Neck Hot Water Bottle with lambskin cover with zip

Quantity per unit: 1 liter


Fellhof sheeps, unlike other animals on fur farms, are not just kept for their covetable fur.

They live in flocks, free to roam around spacious pastures, and are carefully shorn once a year. The wool they produce is then used to knit warm sweaters, socks or hats. And when the animals are eventually culled their skins become a natural by-product.

Lamb and sheepskins possess a fascinating attribute, which in its perfection has not yet been equalled by any modern synthetic materials: the ability to adjust to external temperatures at any time of year – in summer it cools and in winter it warms you and when its time to go to bed it creates a cosy sleeping climate.

No Fellhof product leaves the Fellhof headquarters without having undergone a variety of inspections and controls. These apply to the origins of the sheepskin and for the workmanship of the products. Should a product prove to be faulty or imperfect in any way it is immediately removed as inadequate.


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