?Virginwool Cherry Pit Pillow >black<

?Virginwool Cherry Pit Pillow >black<


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Clicking on the desired motif makes it appear on your Cherry Pit Pillow.

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Here you choose a cover from 100% pure Virginwool.

In contrast to synthetic fibers Virginwool is extremely breathable and moisture regulating.
Wool is by nature dirt-repellent, many spots can be easily wiped off.
Our cherry pit pillows are additionally refined with lavender blossoms.
If you want to dispense with this beautiful fragrance please just let us know.
The mix of warmth and fragrance is meant to provide a double relaxation.
Lavender is used gladly, as it is considered a healing plant with soothing effect.
We use exclusively biologically purified cherry pits without any chemistry.

Filling: approx. 600 g organically cleaned cherry pits, size of the cushion: ca.20 x 33 cm

Our cherry pits come from a non-profit integration company, in which people with and without disabilities work together.
The aim of integration companies is the permanent creation of jobs for the severely handicapped in the usual market conditions as well as the cooperation and joint employment of disabled and non-disabled people.

Heating the Pillow in the Microwave

Begin heating the pillow with the lowest wattage setting of your microwave oven and increase in small increments. Take the pillow out of the oven after 30 seconds, shake the content, and check the temperature. Repeat these steps until the pillow is hot to the touch, but be careful not to overheat.

Make sure the pillow is centered in the microwave oven and does not touch the walls, allowing the turntable to rotate freely. Fold and rearrange larger pillows to fit them in smaller microwaves.

Heating the Pillow in a Conventional Oven

Do not warm the pillow in an oven with an open flame. Use extra caution when using a conventional oven for heating the cherry pit pillow.

Preheat the conventional oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degree Celsius) and place the pillow on a heat resistant glass or porcelain dish. Immediately TURN OFF the oven and let the pillow heat for 15 minutes.

NEVER should the pillow be left in an oven while the oven is still turned on.

Caution when using the Pillow

Be careful when using a hot pillow. Do not place directly onto skin. Separate with a layer of clothing, a towel, or a blanket.

‚ÄčDo not put warm cherry pit pillow on those who cannot take them off on their own if the pillow is too hot, such as infants, elderly, or disabled persons.

Never allow a child to warm or use a heated pillow without adult supervision.

Discard a torn or ripped cherry pit pillow since the content can pose a choking hazard to small children.

CHOKING HAZARD РPillow contains small cherry pits. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Do not place a heated pillow on delicate surfaces, such as wood or plastic.

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